Free Music ? Why and Why not?

Our Dominators album is available to download free right now from Dominators Bandcamp with a CD coming next week , Friday 26th August for just £5 plus p&p . There's also an option to pay if you like . Whilst not denegrating the time and effort or quality of the music by offering it for free, it's an interesting debate . Personally , I feel that musicians in our position do this for love of the music and a fantastic hobby. I've tried offering Marty and The Gone music at low prices and had hardly any sales at all.....Offer it for free and I get tons of downloads! Thats just the way it is. It would be nice to have a few comments and feedback , but folk seem reluctant to do it these days . I know there's been hundreds of people who have liked the music to take the time to download and thats gratifying. I also know other DIY musicians who balk at the idea of free music and argue that the money spent investing in recording equipment and software and instruments and time etc etc should mean a fan should pay for every song, even if it's jusy a pound or less. 

The proof is in the statistics. I would rather have our music enjoyed and appreciated and made freely available rather than nothing happening at all. If we can cover the costs of a CD production in a fair price, then thats fine too. Everything is instant and disposable on the net these days. Everything is also available and accesible, especially for DIY musicians. My take on things are that if you can record a full album in a bedroom , upload it with a mouse click and the next day it's being listened to on the other side of the world by someone, then it's a good thing. No one is going to get rich from DIY music, despite all the hundreds of tutorials and thesis and companies offering expert advice ( for a hefty price ) .

So thanks for reading and please enjoy our music. It's made with great enthusiasm and a love of what we do . Martin , August 2016.