Hi folks ! What a year...what a year . All I can say is I hope you've kept well and the things we love will be back with us in 2021 ..Not least live music . I personally have only played one gig since March when i was used to doing 3-4 a week . There are millions of musicians in the same boat and my heart goes out to all of them . 

I've been keeping myself busy by recording a new 8 track CD. names " Every Setting Sun"  and I'm proud to present the first song here. Influenced by the sights and sounds of my home city Manchester I guess...Defo my love of The Smiths and Roses and Johnny Marr is felt in this song .. " Obsession " . Recorded at home using VST drums, I play the rest of the instruments, Fender Jazz bass, Gretsch Electromatic guitar and Takamine G series acoustic ..Hope you enjoy ! I'll post an update when the album is near to completion . Thanks for listening and stay safe folks ! x