Well, as we go into 2021, I've  recorded 8 new songs during the dreadful lockdown year of 2020, and these will be available on all the usual streaming platforms..Starting with Obsession... A change of direction musically, though the old 60's garage influenced mini albums are still available below ! A more Indie rock/pop approach to the new songs , heavily influenced by heroes such as Johnny Marr, The Smiths, Mcr and Liverpool Indie music with a nod to retro synth pop . Hope you enjoy listening when it's released on March 19th 2021...I present to you, the extended EP, Every Setting Sun


Marty and The Gone

These are some of my older recordings...Sun drenched power pop and fuzz toned melodies! Lo-fi but with a punch, recorded at home in Manchester UK. Marty and The Gone is the solo studio band of Martin Davies, rock n roll bass player with over 3,000 gigs under his belt. Inspired by 60's garage, 70's New Wave and the thunderous beat of the Cavern, Lo-fi sun drenched, fuzz toned pop ! 4 mini albums released for your enjoyment , Plus a 'best of ' . The music is free to download, or there's a name your price option for those feeling generous !