Well, as we go into 2021, Marty has recorded 10 new songs during the dreadful lockdown year of 2020, and these will be available on all the usual streaming platforms..Starting with Obsession... A change of direction musically, though the old 60's garage influenced mini albums are still available below ! A more Indie rock/pop approach to the new songs , heavily influenced by heroes such as Johnny Marr, The Smiths, Mcr and Liverpool Indie music with a nod to retro synth pop . Hope you enjoy as we upload a song every 2/3 weeks rather than a full album !


Marty and The Gone

Sun drenched power pop and fuzz toned melodies! Lo-fi but with a punch, recorded at home in Manchester UK. Marty and The Gone is the solo studio band of Martin Davies, rock n roll bass player with over 3,000 gigs under his belt. Inspired by 60's garage, 70's New Wave and the thunderous beat of the Cavern, Lo-fi sun drenched, fuzz toned pop ! 4 mini albums released for your enjoyment , Plus a 'best of ' . The music is free to download, or there's a name your price option for those feeling generous !