September in the Rain ?? 2020

Hello...First thanks for reading . I honestly thought we'd be seeing the back of this damn awful disease which has claimed the lives of so many, ruined so many livelihoods and plunged us all into nervous uncertainty . Now here we are with winter approaching and another possible bleak scenario for the months ahead. 

I know so many musicians who have suffered this year...Me being one of them ! However important the arts are..and they are MASSIVELY important...we just need to keep safe. So many thousands of others haven't been given that chance . 

We will be back to doing what we love doing best..playing live music. I'm sure of it . If you're in a band that's struggling to keep the light glowing and the fires burning ..It's not going to last firever, Practice safely when you can, keep in touch and keep each others spirits up. It's vital and all we can do at the moment. I wish you all well..Martin Davies xx