Spring 2024

A lot has happened for me musically in the last 4 years . First of all I've actually logged in to my website and actually posted this  !! I've left the Cavern after 14 great years but continue to play live music with a 50's rock n roll band I've been in for 28 years, Colin Paul and the Persuaders. Plus I'm also rehearsing with a fabulous bunch of lads here in Manchester called The Indietweeners... We're aiming to be the best Britpop covers band we can be..

As for recordings.. I continue to write songs but have lacked the energy and motivation to record . One becomes very lazy ..Especially when it's always been done just for fun . I woukd definitely like to go back to my original love of 60's punky garage music for the next album . So I best get my arse in gear this year . Not that anyone particularly listens or reads this!! But lets see what I can do this year !! Martin x